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May 09 2018

Unique Graduation Gifts at Venice Pavilion Antique Mall

Stop by Venice Pavilion for some of the most unique gifts for your special graduate!

Only the best graduation gifts come from the heart. No one wants to receive just cash or a giftcard from their loved one. This special accomplishment can be tough to match expectations but, Graduation gifting can also be tough depending on who you’re shopping for, maybe they are mysterious teenagers or seasoned scholars set to embark upon their first foray into the “real world,” your daughter, son, niece or nephew deserve an exciting gift. Track down the perfect inspirational, funny or personalized item just for them! There are only two tried-and-true ways to win the heart of a recent college graduate: either with a sense of humor or a sense of Taste that includes a touch of class. Humorous or Nostalgic gifts inject a bit of levity into a bittersweet moment—saying goodbye to your best friends of four years is tough! Grown-up gifts, like wall art or photo displays, will help them let go of their dorm room posters and set up their first apartment in style. If you’re feeling especially sappy, you can always elicit a tear with a personalized memento. Just make sure to keep the crying on the down low—you wouldn’t want the future boss to see.