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Sep 27 2018

School Bells

The school bells are ringing, the end of summer is here. Kids are back into school and sounds of electronic buzzers and cell phones keep the day on schedule. Not so long ago hand bells kept the time of day in school classrooms and one room school houses. The bell would ring, early in the morning to call the kids into class, at the end of lunch and recess, and even to time a test. Cincinnati was the home of many bell foundries. National Bell Foundry was on Spring Grove Ave. in Camp Washington from 1901- 1921. CW Coffin a famous bell maker, started Buckeye Bell Foundry in 1837. Cincinnati Bell Foundry was located on Columbus St. owned by G L Hanks in the 1840’s and was eventually absorbed by Coffin’s company. The Verdin Co. opened 1842 and is still producing bells today along with clocks and bell towers like Miami University’s Bell Tower in Oxford. Cincinnati continues to play an important part in the creation of school bells up to large freedom bells.